Iko Uwais's Latest Film, Wu Assasins

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What's the Story?

An outstanding synopsis says that Wu Assassins shows the story of Kai Jin, a character played by Iko Uwais.

Kai Jin is a chef in the Chinatown area of ​​San Francisco. He was entangled in a problem with the Chinese Triad about a dangerous ancient power called Wu Xing.
After meeting with mystical spirits, Kai became Wu Assassin, and used his martial arts skills to take supernatural powers from the five criminals in the modern era, who wanted to use this power to destroy the world.

The Wu Assassins series trailer also explains what the term actually means.

It was said at the beginning that since the beginning of time, the commanders of Wu brought suffering to the world.

Wu Assassin Itu Apa?

1000 monks then sacrificed themselves in order to strengthen those chosen to defeat the Wu commanders.

So this is not a matter of the killer of the Wu people, but a killer who is targeting the Wu.

Monk who possessed Iko Uwais

If you watch John Wick 3, I think you know who the monk is in Kai.

This monk is played by Mark Dacascos, actor Zero at John Wick 3.

Initially, it was unclear why in one scene Iko fought, then in the next scene that was fighting was Mark Dacascos.

Continue at the end of the trailer, a man said that he had seen the Wu Assassin, and that was not Iko.

Suddenly Iko's face turned into the face of the assassin, played by Mark Dacascos.

Father-Child Conflict

Kai Jin might just be a chef. Even so, the Wu Assassins series trailer revealed that Kai's father was a Triad boss. Not only that, the father also seemed to anticipate Wu Assassin. This is a problem, considering that the Wu Assassin turned out to be his own child. Does the father like this conflict? In the trailer, the father said he seemed to love his child. But he was also ready to kill his son.

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